So you want to try out anal sex? Or perhaps you have already tried it out and want to do it again. Before you do it once more with your partner, take a look at these tips. They will help you have so much more enjoyment out of the act for both you and your partner. It might even be a good idea to read this article together, so that you both have a better idea of how to make the experience great.

Always Have Foreplay, Always

You might think that anal sex is exempt from the foreplay requirements, but that is simply not the case. In fact it is even more important to have foreplay with anal sex than with vaginal sex, as although some women enjoy spontaneous sex, but it is very different where anal sex is concerned. Bottom line, don’t skip the clitoral stimulation and you should be just fine.

Start Out with the Tip

You might be tempted to go all in on the outset. Don’t, as this could get dangerous really fast. Instead, once she is lubed up and ready to begin, insert the tip of your penis, pressing against her anus and applying pressure. Next, slide the tip slowly up to the first joint. If you stay still during this step you’ll start to feel the ring of muscles around the anus tighten, but then relax. At this point, you should just let the muscles work; so don’t start wiggling around quite yet. Once her muscles relax, remove your penis slowly, the key word for this whole process is slowly, and then insert it again. She should try and open her anus up more by pushing her muscles outward while you are penetrating. Breathing deeply while you are pushing is also highly recommended. This process is done to tease and build up arousal before any further penetration or engulfment. Although the first time should be done slowly, after that it is up to you. You can try slow and steady or quick movements and also at different angles and sex positions to find out what feels right.

Slow Down for a While

Once you want to go farther than your tip, you are going to want to slow down. Gradually working toward full penetration requires a lot more skill, but is a very exciting way to approach anal sex. You will increase the sexual tension, be more in touch with the energies and emotions that you are sharing with your partner and be delighted by the subtleties of the bouquet of sensations that you are experiencing. Going at this slowly and gradually also creates a much needed sense of safety for the woman in this equation, which helps tremendously with arousal and lubrication, which then helps to create a luscious experience for her, and also for you, but it is more important for her.

Don’t Forget to Breath

You would think you would never have to consciously think about breathing, especially during highly energized situations, because breathing helps you stay alive and such, but it is something that you should not forget to do in this instance. Deep inhaling and exhaling is imperative during anal sex, and also regular sex, but more so here. Suggest to your partner to take relaxing breaths. This is to help with enjoyment and pleasure, but also so that her anus doesn’t tighten up too soon. Once you have inserted something into her anus, be it your finger, penis or sex toy, ask her to exhale deeply so that her muscles relax. One way to improve this is through some yoga lessons to help control her breathing, so that the whole experience is more relaxed for her.




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