It is Friday night, and you want to have sex with your significant other.  But you might be wondering how to set the mood; how to get your partner ready for an enjoyable experience with you.  One of the ways to set the mood is through foreplay, which are the actions that you do before the act to get someone in the mood to be pleasured.  Here are a few tips on how to do foreplay successfully with both sexes in order to have a great time.


Let us start with women, because women are awesome.  The first thing you should know is that women are complicated creatures, and there is no one foreplay move that will satisfy and work on all women.  It might be frustrating to try a foreplay move that worked on your last girlfriend and seeing it backfire spectacularly when all you wanted to do was please her (and that should be your main goal, by the way).   To make sure that the next time is fantastic, here are several foreplay moves that will really make her feel special.


Worship Her


To all the men out there, here is something to know when engaging in foreplay with a woman, women need a lot more foreplay and longer sessions of foreplay than men do, so linger in what you do.  One of the things you could do first is worshiping her.  This is something you could do outside of the bedroom, but it works very well when getting her in the mood.  Make her feel like she is the most important woman in the world by praising her, not just about her body, but about her personality and interests as well.  You should convey to her how lucky you are to be able to spend time with her, touch her and kiss her.  And do it for a good long while too.  The longer you wait, the more turned on she will be, and you will both enjoy your experience that much more.  Your honesty, patience and humility will boost this.


Whisper Sweet Nothings that Actually Mean Something


While pillow talk is fine in most cases and dirty talk can be an effective way to set the mood, talking to your partner in a genuine way can sometimes be even more effective.  You don’t need to recite poetry (if you can however, then totally go for it) but tell her how amazing she is, the amazing things about her that you adore and how grateful you are to be with her.  This is along the same lines as giving her more foreplay and lengthening the session in order to get you both excited for the final act.


Now on to the men, so ladies, here is what you should do to warm up your partner for sex.


The Five Senses of Description


Similar to turning a woman on, men also enjoy foreplay of the talking variety.  However, telling him something in a straightforward manner won’t work, describing something in great detail will.  It ignites their passion when you talk using all five of the senses.


A Good Old-Fashion Blowjob


Some guys just need a blowjob straight and simple.  However, you should know how to do a blowjob right.  A common misconception is to just put his part inside your mouth and bob your head a few times.  That isn’t a blowjob, or at least not an effective one.  To really get him in the mood and to satisfy him, the blowjob should last for more than thirty seconds at least and it is also a good idea to ask him how he likes it.  Does he like it a little rougher or gentle and smooth?  Once you are done, definitely ask him to reciprocate if you are in the mood as well.  You pleasured him, now he should pleasure you with a good licking.

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