You want to buy some lube, first off, good for you, as it is essential for all your sexual activities, especially for the manual stimulation that you and your partner do. Yet selecting the right one can be very daunting. There are so many questions that race through your mind as you are looking through your favorite online sex toy store, what kind should I get? How much should I spend and what is too expensive? Should I get one bottle of many different brands or stock up on only one? Even just writing about it makes me tired. But fear not, for lubrication can be easily broken down into simple to define categories (based on their ingredients) that will make your search go a lot smoother.

Water, Water Everywhere

A water-based lubricant is the best all-around choice, as they are safe for condoms (very important), can be used with silicone and other sex toys (very pleasurable) and are easy to wash out of sheets and clothing (very practical). It is made of mostly water and other inert ingredients. It feels the most natural to women and can come in a slippery thin version or a thick gel version. Yet there are a few drawbacks. Water lube does tend to evaporate quickly and you should never use it for underwater sex or sex in the shower, as it will rinse away almost immediately. When you are on dry land, some saliva or a light mist of cool water will slick it back up. Water lubricant is best for vaginal sex and with sex toys.

All Natural All the Time

If your partner is a bit concerned about what goes into her body (and she has every right to be) or is sensitive to parabens or any of the other irritating ingredient that can be found in most popular lubes, then perhaps you should try out the “all natural” or “hypoallergenic” formulas that have become available due to the rise of natural and organic products. If you had already tried plain coconut oil and it just didn’t cut it, these natural lubes could be the solution you have been looking for. Most natural lubes are water based, so the benefits of those are present here, and they are very versatile as such. These lubes can be used anywhere and for anyone and feel quite natural, hence the name. Women with very sensitive vaginal tissues and men with sensitive penises will find these lubes quite enjoyable.

Silicon, but Not with Sex Toys

Silicone based lubricants are a different sort of lubricant, as they have some very sharp pros and cons, and are not water based. The pros are that they are smooth as silk and are excellent for long lasting play. You will only need a touch in order for it to last for hours. It is perfectly safe to use with condoms and is best with anal sex. The cons are that silicone lubes should never be used with sex toys, as the lube will degrade the toy and the outside will get sticky and pretty gross. It also doesn’t taste very good, so it would be best to not try any tongue action. This one also doesn’t wash out as easily as the water based lubricants and needs soap and water to get out of the more intimate areas like the vagina. It can also stain the sheets, so be careful during your rough and tumble or you might be buying some new sheets soon after. However, silicone lube is great for anal and underwater sex.

There are many lubricants to try out, perhaps our System Jo Lubricant will be right for you. Either way, these differentiations should help in clarifying the confusing task of buying that lubricant that will make your fun time all the more satisfying. Good luck on your purchases.


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